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Vivian and Matthew 佢地係當晚感謝詞講過「每日起身都重新愛你一次。


Vivian and Matthew 佢地係當晚感謝詞講過「每日起身都重新愛你一次。」每一日都係新嘅開始。 Knowing, acquainting, and loving each other are necessary stages in a relationship, but reaching marriage is not an easy task. Along this journey, it takes gratitude, humility, and a shared commitment to make it work. When facing difficulties, gratitude allows us to appreciate and cherish each other, humility enables us to grow together, and commitment helps us to face every day together. And when the romance becomes ordinary, these emotional supports are even more crucial for the love to flourish. Therefore, to know, to acquaint, and to love each other till marriage requires emotional investment, as well as mutual support and appreciation.

Vivian and Matthew expressed in their speech that they "fall in love with each other anew every day". Every day is a fresh start.

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